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  • chatr FAQs

    Welcome to your one-stop source for information about chatr mobile. If you have any questions about your chatr mobile phone service, you'll get your answers here!

    At chatr mobile, we’re committed to a carefree experience for everyone.

    1. What's Message Relay Service?
    • Message Relay Service (MRS) allows a customer who has a hearing or speech disability to make and receive calls via TTY or over the Internet.

      In a TTY Relay call, a relay operator sends messages to your chatr phone via TTY-based text conversations.

      In an IP Relay call, the relay operator sends messages online via a web page or an instant messaging application. chatr mobile currently supports message relay via a web page.

    2. How do I access Message Relay Services?
    From a mobile Device
    • To access MRS via TTY from a mobile device please call *7-1-1

    From a Webpage
    • To access MRS via IP Relay online please register to obtain your username and password
    • Already registered? Please login here

    NOTE:Your IP Relay username and password are separate from your My chatr account details. If you wish to log in to My chatr account, please login here.
    4. IP Relay Service Upgrade FAQs
    When is the IP Relay Service upgrade occurring?
    The update will take place on December 10, 2019 from 1am to 4am EST

    Will I be notified of the IP Relay Service upgrade?
    Yes, if you are an active chatr customer utilizing the IP Relay Service you will receive an email communication beginning December 5th, 2019.

    Can I use the IP Relay Service during this time?
    No, you cannot. The IP Relay Service will be unavailable during the upgrade. It is recommended that you use an alternate service like TTY Message Relay or Video Relay Service (VRS) to meet your communication needs during the upgrade period .

    What do I need to do to prepare for this upgrade?
    To facilitate a smooth transition to the new platform, before the December 10th migration, you should log into the current IP Relay system and ensure that your Security Question and Answer are set up. This information is necessary to reset your password the first time you use the new platform.

    How do I update my IP Relay Credentials?
      1. Log into the current IP Relay Service using your existing credentials
      2. Go to the ‘Profile’ page
      3. Make sure that you have set up a Security Question and Answer. These fields should not be blank. This information is necessary to reset your password the first time you use the new platform.
      4.Verify that your email address is correct and make sure that you have access to this email account, so that you can receive the password reset email.
      5. Review and confirm your home address. It is very important that this information is correct as this is the address that the agent will provide to first responders if you are unable to respond.

    Do I need to do anything after the upgrade?
    The first time you log into the new platform, you’ll have to change your password.
      1.On the Welcome to IP Relay screen, enter your access number and leave the Password field blank. Click Log on. A password reset screen will display
      2.Enter the email address from your user profile in the Email field.
      3.Provide the answer to your security question, then press Submit.
      4.You will get an email with a link to reset your password.
      5.Follow the instructions in that email to complete your password change.

    Will there be any changes to how I access the service?
    After the upgrade, your access number will remain the same. The IP Relay service can be accessed using the new IP Relay URLs. Voice to IP callers can continue to reach you using the same number (1-855-801-5862)